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Dating Tips for Introverted Women

Dating Tips for Introverted Women

Dating Tips for Introverted Women

The term “introvert” has often been associated with shy when actually, there’s a difference between the two. An introvert person chooses to be alone, mainly because they tend to be more emotionally independent and loves their “me time”. On the other hand, shy person fears being around people without necessarily like being alone. Likewise, being introverted doesn’t mean the person refuses to be intimate romantically with the opposite sex. Therefore, it can be quite tricky for introverted women to jump into the dating game. But here is a simple guide for you to be an introverted dating material.

Be Approachable
There are two kinds of people, people who we can chat easily and those we cannot. The latter are often assumed as unapproachable, which can mean the person comes off as grumpy, irritated, or simply uninterested. Introverted women may don’t realize that those kinds of behavior make men hesitant to make the first move. Being courteous, polite, and smile pleasantly are a must when trying to make acquaintances.

Conversation Topics
Introverts have more conversations in their heads than with other real people. If you really want to meet someone, like it or not, you’ll need to make efforts to strike up conversations, because surely your date can’t read your mind. Simple topics such as movies, books, music, hobbies, or food can help you find something or things in common.

Pick a Comfort Zone
Sometimes, a familiar place is what introverts need to be comfortable when faced with daunting experience like dating. An unknown place with someone you don’t exactly know can throw you off balance and make you feel more awkward.

Turn Introversion into Mystery
One thing that makes a man chase a woman is the element of mystery. As introverts need more time to open up, use it to your advantage. Men will generate curiosity to know your real self, thus chasing and seeking you further.

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