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Four Ways to Tell Your Date Is a Disaster

Your Date Is a Disaster

Your Date Is a DisasterDo you have a date this weekend with that cute guy you just met online? Or did you just say yes to your friend’s attempt in setting you up on a blind date? For a lot of men and women, going on a first date with a complete stranger could be scary and daunting. There’s a good chance you two might hit it off and take it to the next level. But there is also a chance that there’s just not enough chemistry between you two. To prevent you from wasting any more time on a disastrous date, here are a few ways to tell.

Awkward Silence
When your date is dominated with long pauses between conversations, and especially when no one is trying to strike up a conversation, it is probably time to make excuses and go home. It is usually a sign that you two are simply not a match and no topic to talk about is considered a deal breaker in relationship.

Your Date Temperature’s Rises
Body temperature’s rising can be a sign that your date got the hots for you, but it can also mean the other thing. Combined with his/her dislike toward other things, excessive criticism, and bad manners, your date is probably in a foul mood or has a bad temper. You should definitely go, you deserve better.

Your Date’s in a Hurry
If your date keeps checking what time it is, eats very quickly, and doesn’t seem interested to what you’re saying, his/her mind is definitely in someplace else. Dating someone who obviously isn’t interested is foolish and a waste of time.

Phone Distraction
Although a lot of people admit they “can’t live” without their cellphone, paying more attention to your cellphone than your date is just ridiculous. Your date shouldn’t be too preoccupied in texting or calling and ignoring you. If your date has a valid reason to do so, he/she should inform you.

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