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What Makes Men More Attractive to Women

What Makes Men More Attractive To WomenWomen are attracted to men for a number of reasons. Tastes vary on an individual-by-individual basis, but research shows that women in general, tend to prefer certain traits in men. The good news: Some of these traits are within your control. The bad news: Some of them are not. This is why there’s whiskey.

1. Piercings, Tattoos, and Scars:

According to the evolutionary “handi-cap” theory, men who are physically healthy and have good genes can afford to take part in risky behavior involving needles, ink and katana swords. Think of it as your body’s way of showing off for prospective mates.

2. Money, Money, Money… Money:

A study by evolutionary psychologist David Buss found that women from 37 cultures around the world value high earning potential and good financial prospects in a partner. Even Zambia ladies love a sugar daddy.

3. A Deep Voice:

Women value physical symmetry because it’s a sign of good health and good genes for the screaming hordes of babies they plan to make with you. The deeper a man’s voice, the more likely he is to be symmetrical. Just the way it is.

4. Height:

Tall men make more money and have more babies. Short men try to conquer Europe.

5. A V-Shaped Torso (Hit the Gym):

If you look like you row, swim, or moonlight as a superhero, women dig your body. If you’re shaped like a Family Guy character, they do not.

6. Sense of Humor:

Dr. Cindy M. Meston says that women like men who make them laugh. Men, she says, prefer women who laugh at their jokes.

7. Her Past (How You Remind Her of It):

Women create a mental “love map” of their romantic life based on past experiences. It starts to form at age eight. This explains why you never had a chance with that little red-headed girl.

8. Smell:

There is no single most-attractive scent, but studies show that women can smell symmetry, just like they can hear it. This is why you should not mask your natural scent with body spray, Mr. The Situation.

9. Confidence (Have It):

Few women are attracted to wimpy guys and most women are not attracted to arrogant jerks. Real confidence is the ability to switch between bravado and humility without worrying about appearing vulnerable.

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