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10 Reasons Single Girl is The One You Should Be Dating

single girl is the one you should be dating

Guys always seem to chase the girl who bounces from relationship to relationship, hoping to be her next ex. They don’t realize that the cool, funny friend who would prefer to plan her next Euro-trip than hope some random guy at the bar will hit on her might be the catch of a lifetime.

It seems ironic, but the perpetually single girls make the best girlfriends.

Instead of thinking, “Why is such a nice, attractive girl single? She must be insane,” here are some reasons the single girl is worth getting to know.

1. She isn’t going to settle.

She isn’t going to settle

Just because she’s usually single doesn’t mean she’s undateable…or undesirable. It means she is selective and unwilling to commit to someone who doesn’t quite make the cut. If you can land her, you are something special. Why would you settle for someone who sees you as anything less?

2. She doesn’t need you to babysit her.

She doesn’t need you to babysit her

Bringing your new girl to meet your friends or say hi to your family? Maybe she doesn’t have experience with meeting the parents, but she’s used to fending for herself in social situations so there’s no need to worry. After leaving her for a few minutes to grab a drink, don’t be surprised to find her fully engaged in a game of beer pong, laughing with a huge group of people she’s never met before.

3. She doesn’t have any crazy exes for you to worry about.

She doesn’t have any crazy exes for you to worry about

All her guy friends are just that – friends. No need to worry about a long list of psycho ex-boyfriends who aren’t quite over the relationship.

4. She’s not needy.

She’s not needy

She’s used to being independent, so don’t expect a text every time she finds a bug in her room. She can and will handle it on her own.

5. She doesn’t need your help making decisions.

She doesn’t need your help making decisions

She knows what she wants. No more of your gf parading outfit after outfit and asking your opinion on each one, making you late for your dinner reservations again. A perpetually single girl is much more likely to say, “Feel like Mexican takeout tonight at my place? A new place just opened up on my street.” Date night planning, done.

6. She doesn’t crave compliments to feel good about herself.

She doesn’t crave compliments to feel good about herself

What girl doesn’t like being told she looks good? However, a perpetually single lady won’t be passive-aggressively throwing shade at you on date night until you tell her she looks amazing in that dress. Her own confidence is high enough that she knows she looks good…and knows that you know it.

7. She wants you to have your own social life.

She wants you to have your own social life

Single ladies enjoy girls’ nights or lazy days spent binge watching Netflix alone, so don’t be afraid to let her know that you have a ballgame with the boys planned next weekend. She wants to be a big part of your life, but she knows she doesn’t have to be your life.

8. She’s spontaneous.

spontaneous women

After two decades or more of singledom, she’s accustomed to those last minute “We have one more spot in our car for the road trip, wanna come?” adventures. When you come into the picture, that part of her isn’t going to change. Did someone say beach day?

9. She gives you time to miss her.

She gives you time to miss her

If you’re spending 24/7 with someone, it’s pretty easy to get sick of them. Realizing there’s enough time to have both “me time” and “us time” doesn’t make her uninterested, it makes her not clingy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (and all those other true cliches).

10. She’s a clean slate.

She’s a clean slate

The girl with endless exes has certain expectations on what a relationship should be like and will constantly be comparing you to the past. With someone who is new to the relationship game, she will enjoy everything for what it is, not what she thinks it should be.

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