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Don’t Do Silence to Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Do you ever read a quote that said speech is silver and silence is gold? Don’t ever use this quote to solve your marriage problem. Remember that let a problem go is always easier than solve the problem. When you want to run away from your marriage problem, you should think about this. Do you want to let your family gone? Do you want to waste your effort, energy, and time into your husband or wife and also your children? No matter how big the problem, you should remember your effort with your couple to build your family. Remember your solemn promise. And also remember that your family is build based on love. There is always a way to make a good day no matter how hard it is.

Mostly the divorce is caused by a problem or many problems that is accumulated at once. Discussion is important for both of you. Don’t wait your couple to initiate the first talk when a problem occurred. If you feel something wrong and you don’t like it, ask your couple about it. No matter how little the issue is, discussion is prevention and sometime can be a solution. In addition discussion also can help your marriage when divorce is near. Ask what your couple wants and tell him or her you want.

Source of the Problem
When you are discussing with your couple about the problem, you should ask his or her perspective about the problem. Both of you must know the source of the problem. You must know the source of the problem whether who is wrong or what is wrong. Went the source of the problem is someone between you two, you should never be in anger when discuss it. If your couple is the problem source, ask him or her nicely why he or she did it. Ask her reason. If you are the one who become the problem source, don’t run away and ask for apologize.

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