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What You Should Know About Office Romance

Office Romance

Office Romance

Romantic relationship in the office is inevitable. As people spend most of their time together in the same environment, office romance is bound to happen. There are some perks that come when dating someone from work. Aside from personality traits that are similar to you, you’ll be able to meet everyday, work together, and have a lunch date each day. Despite all that, most workplace relationships have failed, so you should also know the advantages that come with it.

Ego Tussles
Suppose your partner gets promoted, while you think you deserve it more. How would you feel? Will you be jealous or will you just accept it? Suppose you earned a raise. Although you want to protect your partner’s ego by not telling him, an altercation is bound to happen and can hurt your relationship.

Now that you or your partner has been promoted and you two have dealt with the promotion issue. One of you is going to fire instructions at the other without playing favorite or bias. You will also hang out with different kinds of group. And the one who has a better position in the company will have new responsibilities, therefore focusing more on the new position.

A Bad Breakup
It was good while it lasted. But a bad breakup is a nightmare for workplace relationship. Now you have to face your ex everyday when you should be moving on from the heartbreak. Your feelings towards each other can affect your mood in the office and hurt your job’s performance.

Office Gossip
As you work in the same environment, you tend to have the same circle of friends and colleagues. And when you broke up with your partner, your friends will want to know what happened. As you tell your friends your side of the story and your partner tells his/her side of the story, office gossips that can hurt your reputation are to be expected.

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