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5 Simple Steps to Approach a Guy When You Fear Rejection


How to Approach a GuyJust a sight of him makes your knees weak and his smile makes your heart flutters. A crush is a wonderful feeling that sometimes seems unattainable in reality, simply because approaching him sounds dreadful. Making the first move has always been considered to be a guy thing. But the truth is guys love it when girls are confident enough to ask them out. If you want to successfully approach your crush and land a date with him, follow these steps.

1. Face Your Fear

face-your-fearsMost people miss out on great opportunities because of fear. Fear of failing, to be exact, can make you hesitant to make any effort in approaching him. What if I’m not his type? What if he hates my hair? Throw the negative “what ifs” out the window and face your fear. You’ll never know what would happen. What if he thinks your beautiful? What if he had always wanted to ask you out?

2. Begin With Confidence

beautiful_facesBeing confidence is the key. When you walk up to introduce yourself confidently, your crush will get an impression that you are a positive person who’s comfortable in your own skin. Thus, making him wants to get to know you better.

3. Seek Attention

Woman clinging on to man's leg

No, you don’t have to go crazy with racy outfits or three-toned hair colors. A simple smile and eye contact when you see or talk to him will do the trick. This way, he will at least acknowledge your presence before you approach him.

4. Perseverance Wins

Perseverance WinsAfter he knows your existence, it’s time to gradually move on to ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. Making small talks are great at this point. Try to compliment him or making conversations as you will eventually find common grounds to connect.

5. Give Him a Chance

Man Regretting His Mistake

Now that you two are officially acquainted, give him some space to reciprocate. If he’s interested, he will most definitely approach you and you two can start planning on your first date.

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