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Why Women Tend to Date Older Men

Date Older Men

Date Older MenWhen it comes to men, each woman has their own types and criteria that they prefer. Hair color, body type, hobby, music preference, and personality among others are aspects that can determine the level of attraction a woman has to a particular man. But one thing that is considered to be general criteria to almost all women is maturity. And that is probably why most women date older (or much older) men. So what exactly do older men have that make them so irresistible in the eyes of women?

Compared to men, women tend to view relationship through the lens of stability and permanency. It is natural for women to want to settle down way faster than men do. On the other hand, men generally tend to focus more on their career first, building their own lives before considering stability. This makes women lean toward older men who had gone through that phase, because it gives women a sense of security.

Intelligent and Mature
A handsome young man with a hot bod maybe enticing, but when all he does is talk about himself or stuck to his phone the entire time, women will get bored eventually. As women tend to have higher emotional quotient than guys with the same age, they tend to need some sort of intellectual stimulation. And a meaningful conversation with a more mature, well-read men with knowledge is always a turn on.

For most people, sex plays quite an important part in the relationship. So, telling a man what to do in bed can be a turn off for some women. As women like it when a man takes charge, older men seems more promising on this department. Their experience may make those intimate moments far more intense.

Respects the Relationship
A man with experience understands a woman’s needs better. Hence, he knows how to treat her with respects, which in a lot of ways, make the relationship works. Younger men generally still struggles to articulate their respect toward women.

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