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Dating Turnoffs for Men: What Women Shouldn’t Do On the First Date

What Women Shouldn’t Do On the First Date

What Women Shouldn’t Do On the First DateFor a lot of women, making a great impression on the first date is very important. That is why they tend to be selective on what to wear for the particular occasion. But making your potential boyfriend impressed is not just by vamping up your appearance with a new cute dress. There are other important things many women ignore that can drive men away for good.

Appears Unhygienic
No men would disagree that a woman who appears unhygienic is a definite deal breaker. To put it simply, who could stand talking to a person with a bad breath, smells awful, and consistently scratching her head? Take a bath and put on a fresh-fragranced deodorant and perfume to keep your date happy with your presence.

Discuss Exes
As your date hopes that you are excited to see him, talking about your terrible ex, or how bad or good your breakup shows that you are not ready to let go of the past. Of course, the topic of past relationships is going to come up eventually, but until you two are getting more serious, it’s better to keep it short and brief.

Avoid the Bill
There is an unwritten rule that men should pay on the first date. Although it’s kind of true, it doesn’t mean you should avoid the bill like a plague. Today’s men favor women’s good intention in sharing or splitting the bill. Most of the time, he wouldn’t want you to pay, but it’s always thoughtful to show that you care.

Drink Too much
Okay, maybe you’re nervous, but don’t take it on the alcohol. Although social drinking is an acceptable norm, too much drinking is a turn-off. A lady never misbehaves on her first date and by controlling yourself, you will certainly make a great impression on your date.

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