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Dating Ideas for Single Parents

Dating Ideas for Single Parents

They say, when you’re a single parent, the dating life is not as easy and carefree as it used to. You need to get a sitter, find a great outfit that is not covered in food, and get ready...

Dating Turnoffs for Women: What Men Shouldn’t Do On the First Date

Do On the First Date

First date is very important as it determines your date’s level of attraction towards you and whether she would consider a second or even, third date. That is why being a man that meets her expectations is very crucial....

Reliable Ways to Maintain Friendships after Marriage: A Lifetime Tips

Maintain Friendships after Marriage

After getting married, you may feel some changes to your friends. It is quite normal, especially if the changes happen to your friends who are not getting married yet. Single friends will tend to withdraw from your life since...

Tips to Recover after Fighting with your Partner

Fighting with your Partner

Fighting in a relationship is natural. Every couple must experience it because there are always things that make you and your partner look so different and it trigger a fight to happen. The problem is how to recover from...

Four Ways to Tell Your Date Is a Disaster

Your Date Is a Disaster

Do you have a date this weekend with that cute guy you just met online? Or did you just say yes to your friend’s attempt in setting you up on a blind date? For a lot of men and...

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship?

Time for a New Friendship

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship? However, new friendships are fragile and can be easily derailed if the proper attention isn’t paid to them.

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Marriage Relationship

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