Tips on How to Make a Long Lasting Friendship

Long Lasting Friendship

Everybody wants to have a true friend that will be there whenever you are happy or sad. A true friend will always be there when you need them. However, it is not easy for you to find your real...

10 Easy Steps To Scare A Guy Away Via Text

Man surprised at text message.

We know you agree with us when we say texting is the worst part of dating. The textpectation after initiating a conversation, awkward autocorrections, and those dreaded “Read” receipts. What kind of devil invented those?! Texting feels especially vital during the first...

Reliable Ways to Maintain Friendships after Marriage: A Lifetime Tips

Maintain Friendships after Marriage

After getting married, you may feel some changes to your friends. It is quite normal, especially if the changes happen to your friends who are not getting married yet. Single friends will tend to withdraw from your life since...

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship?

Time for a New Friendship

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship? However, new friendships are fragile and can be easily derailed if the proper attention isn’t paid to them.

Why Women Tend to Date Older Men

Date Older Men

When it comes to men, each woman has their own types and criteria that they prefer. Hair color, body type, hobby, music preference, and personality among others are aspects that can determine the level of attraction a woman has...