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Dating Turnoffs for Women: What Men Shouldn’t Do On the First Date

Do On the First Date

Do On the First Date

First date is very important as it determines your date’s level of attraction towards you and whether she would consider a second or even, third date. That is why being a man that meets her expectations is very crucial. Your love life can be potentially amazing if you follow these simple not-to-do lists on your first date.

Taking Calls
The point of being on a date is getting to know each other and paying attention to the one and only, your date and potential lover. So when you can’t resist answering your not-so-important calls, your date will feel she doesn’t worth your time. Putting your phone away for a day is not that hard, just put it in silent mode or turn it off. But if you’re indeed waiting for an important call, be sure to inform your date.

Ex-Boyfriend Inquisition
The fact that your date is sitting in front of you right now is that she’s looking for someone new or trying to forget her ex. Either way, she’s made an effort by meeting with you, which means she’s ready to let go of her past. So spare her all the ex-boyfriend questions, at least until you are seriously dating.

Dressed Not To Impress
Most women dress their best on the first date. So when you show up with a pair of unwashed jeans, yesterday shirt, and uncombed hair, your date can’t help to be disappointed. By showing up un-groomed, your date will think you are not excited to meet her.

Social Network Stalker
Maybe you opened her Facebook page to confirm her relationship status. But it’s better if you don’t mention it on the first date. Knowing the last time your date posts her status, or asking her to approve your follower request in Twitter is just kind of creepy.

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