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22 Things Your Boyfriend Will Never Understand

Your Boyfriend Will Never UnderstandMen, when will they ever learn? Women are the most complicated human beings on the face of the earth. We say the opposite of what we mean, our arguments (for the most part) are completely invalid, and we NEVER know what we want. It’s complicated being one of us, but you can’t blame us, thank us!

1. Why we to have to re-straighten your hair in the morning after we did it the night before. 
I did it last night so that I wouldn’t have to do it today, but while I was sleeping I got these weird lumps that just have to go.

2. Why we wear make up – EVER. 
It makes us feel good. It’s basically like magic. You see these dark circles under my eyes? Boom! Gone!

3. Pinterest. 
I need to plan my future, learn how to cook, and become an interior designer all at the same time.

4. Why we carry a whole another three bags inside of my purse. 
I need to keep my makeup separated from my feminine items, separated from my wallet, separated from all the other random trash. It’s called organization.

5. Why we can’t wear mismatched socks. 
Sure they look the same, but they feel different and it’s engraved in my head that I’m walking on two different brands.

6. Why we need more than one nude bra. 
It’s literally the only color that we can wear with a white shirt or any color really. This way our bra always matches our undies.

7. Why we have so many lip balms laying around even though he knows we have a favorite. 
A girl need options. Sometimes I want minty lips and other times I want cherry with a little bit of a tint.

8. Why it takes us so long to get ready.
Because I need to shower and shave my legs, then put lotion on and do my makeup before I get dressed so I don’t stain my outfit. I have to make sure that my hair is tamed and as for changing 10 times, I have no answer.

9. Why we can’t just post any selfie on Instagram. 
That’s easy! We always think we look like sh*t.

10. How we can shop for so long.
I know I’ve walked into the same store like 5 times already, but every time I walk back in I see something I didn’t see the first time.

11. Our period.
How many times do I have to tell you, this sh*t sucks. It feels like my insides are being cut open. It’s an emotional roller coaster that I wish you could experience too.

12. Why we have to wear a hair tie on each wrist. 
Trust me when I say that even though they’re in my wrist, they always find a way to walk off. If I want my hair up, I need a hair tie.

13. Why we go to the bathroom in groups.
Remember when Hermione Granger went to the bathroom alone and was attacked by a troll? Yeah.

14. Why  we have a specific type of underwear we like to wear when mother nature pays a visit.
You just don’t get it because you don’t get a monthly flow. Boy shorts make me feel secure.  

15. Why we gossip so much. 
It makes us feel connected. We’re not trying to be b*tches when we do it, its just that we can’t be left out of the loop.

16. How we remember every, single thing. 
Because two year ago, on March 10 at 9:30 in the morning you did something that really pissed me off and now I’ll hold it against you forever. I don’t remember everything, just things good enough to blackmail you.

17. Why we watch sappy romantic movies. 
Because sometimes I daydream about you building me a house, having lots of babies, and living happily ever after until the day we die in each others arms.

18. Why we ask about their exes so much.
I’m just very curious. I want to see pictures, why you broke up, was she good in bed. I promise I won’t get jealous, just TELL ME!

19. Why we ask questions we really don’t want the answer to. 
I know you think she’s hot, so why don’t you just answer my question so I can get mad anyway?

20. Our love for chocolate. 
It makes everything better, OKAY!?

21. Why we want to cry.
It just feels so good to let it out. Reason #1 why we watch sappy movies. We want and like to cry people!

22. Leggings.
You can make so many outfits with them and still not be an outfit repeater. Plus, they’re super comfy unlike jeans.

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