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Looking For The Perfect Partner? Check This 15 Reasons to Date a Middle Child

Reasons to Date a Middle ChildWhen it comes to the topic of birth order, our stereotypes of the middle-born child are validated by TV shows like “The Brady Brunch”. A “mid kid” seems to get overlooked and compared unfavorably to their overachieving older siblings and their cute younger siblings. (Think “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!“)

But before you let any preconceived notions color your judgment, realize many of the characteristics that make middles unique among the family pecking order also empower them to be excellent romantic partners. Such as:

  1. Middles are exceptional negotiators. Often the intermediary in disputes among siblings growing up, these people have learned how to navigate disagreements with diplomacy.
  2. They are skilled listeners. Though coming across as reserved, they’re probably listening rather than talking.
  3. Middle-borns are often diamonds in the rough. Perhaps not the superstar of the family growing up, they have nonetheless developed qualities and learned strategies to shine in adulthood.
  4. They strive harder to excel. Accustomed to being the underdog and runner-up, they work extra hard to stand out and get ahead.
  5. For the mid kid, justice and fairness are essential. Feeling unnoticed and overshadowed throughout childhood, they relate to and advocate for marginalized people.
  6. Your middle-born partner is among excellent company. Included in the long list of influential middle-borns are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jane Austen, Donald Trump, Elie Wiesel, Princess Diana, Harry Truman, and Theodore Roosevelt.
  7. They are trustworthy romantic partners. Researcher Dr. Catherine Salmon found that middle children are significantly less likely than others to cheat in long-term romantic relationships: 80 percent had never strayed, compared to 65 percent of first-borns, and 53 percent of last-borns.
  8. Middles are, not surprisingly, great at finding middle ground. Since they grew up as part of a group, they are skilled at achieving consensus and compromise.
  9. Middles are eager to define themselves as unique individuals. Being stuck in the middle motivates them to find creative ways to stand apart from their siblings.
  10. They’re emotionally stable. In a 2013 study, researchers found that middle children who lived with both biological parents were less likely than their siblings to develop emotional disorders or be diagnosed with ADHD.
  11. These people play well with others. A study in The Journal of Genetic Psychology found that middle children tend to do much better than others in group situations and excel in team sports.
  12. They don’t feel entitled. Middle children are typically not spoiled and indulged growing up, so they aren’t demanding as adults.
  13. You and your love will always have an excuse to celebrate on August 12. That is, of course, National Middle Child’s Day.
  14. They are more adventuresome in the bedroom. Yes, researchers study such things and have found that middles are less judgmental of others’ sexual interests and more willing to experiment in the bedroom. Over all, middle children report more satisfaction with their sex lives than first-borns and last-borns.
  15. These people are marriage material. A 2009 study determined that middle children end up in much happier relationships and choose to stay faithful to both romantic partners and friends.

Why else should one date a middle-born?

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