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How to Fight Fair in Relationships

Fight Fair in Relationships

Fight Fair in Relationships

Every couple fights. Fighting is inevitable in every relationship as two different individuals share different opinions and perspectives about various aspects of life. It is normal to fight as a couple. It’s even better to fight than to not communicate. But, there are rules to a fair fight that would not only solve the problem, but also makes your relationship stronger than ever.

Deal with the Problem and Finish It
Any problem that’s being denied or argument that’s left unfinished will only disrupt your quality of life. An argument should not last more than 24 hours ideally as you shouldn’t carry grudges to the next day. So, it is best to solve the problem and bury the hatchet before going to bed.

Stick to the Point
In the heat of the moment, people often bring up their partner’s old mistakes, which make the situation even worse and sometimes harder to solve. That is why sticking to the point that started the argument and not wandering away from it should always be kept in mind.

Avoid Foul Language
Foul language is considered to be a kind of bullying that degrades the value of other person. Although you might be overwhelmed with anger, avoid cursing, name calling, insulting, or even shouting that can hurt your partner’s dignity and make the matter even worse.

Take a Break
When you reach a boiling point and your heartbeats start racing, withdraw yourself and take a break. It doesn’t mean that you leave the argument midway. Just take some time to compose yourself by not letting the overwhelming emotions take the best of you and cloud your judgment.

No Blame Game
Blaming your partner will only make him/her to become defensive. Saying “I would like it if you’re more involved in doing chores” sounds better than “You never help me with the chores”. To put it simply, use statements that start with “I think” or “I feel”, instead of start with “You”.

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