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The Keys to a Successful Relationship

About 50% of all relationships fail. We all know that by now. But why? The reason most of them fail is because we are not doing the work. The work in a relationship is all within ourselves. It is in...

Relationship OCD

One thing is definite about obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is creative, with no shortage of themes to latch onto. Typically, OCD will attack the very things the person with the disorder holds most dear. Training to reach your dream as...

3 Best Tips to Solve the Problems in a Relationship

Problems in a Relationship

People say that a relationship is not a healthy relationship if there is no problem involved in it. A relationship must have problem to keep it alive and stronger. However, it is not good to keep a problem going...

Find Your Passion (Apart from Your Relationship)

Find Your Passion

Going out with your friends more is great, but it’s also important to feel like you have a purpose apart from your relationship. If you live for your husband and children, for example, you might be just fine, or...

15 Funny Reasons Why You’re Still Single

I’d rather stay in than go out.

Sit back and laugh at the possible satirical explanations for why you’re still single, like me: I’d rather stay in than go out. When the weather is less than ideal, the most enticing place to spend Friday night is...

Reliable Ways to Maintain Friendships after Marriage: A Lifetime Tips

Maintain Friendships after Marriage

After getting married, you may feel some changes to your friends. It is quite normal, especially if the changes happen to your friends who are not getting married yet. Single friends will tend to withdraw from your life since...

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship?

Time for a New Friendship

Do You Have Time for a New Friendship? However, new friendships are fragile and can be easily derailed if the proper attention isn’t paid to them.